This stage lives up to its name as the sun sets behind it through the evening creating amazing views behind the performers. This creates a wonderful atmosphere and makes the ‘sunset’ slot one of the most sought after! 2016 saw some amazing acts including the UK Foo Fighters Tribute band and Not The Rolling Stones.


'This year we open the Saturday of Beacon Festival with the winner of the “Battle of the bands” competition at Watlington’s Secondary school, Icknield Community College. The Bands will be aged between 11-16 and will have honed their skills during the “Rockschool” Club run by the music department. They will have the choice of material to perform during their set on stage at the Beacon Festival and many are preparing to perform original material. The Judging will happen in the yearly “Young Musician of the Year” competition at the school and will be judged by teachers and the team from the Beacon Festival. We will announce the winner as soon as we can. The Battle of the bands this year, is only open to bands from Icknield Community College

NOT THE ROLLING STONES THE DUNG BEATLES Under a Banner LOWLY HOUNDS The Running Guns UK FOO FIGHTERS TRIBUTE Chili Rage HUNKY DORY KAMIKAZE TEST PILOTS The Fabulous Ukulele Club with Sam Brown The Band with NO Name The Pump Monkeys RUSHKEEPER Old Country Union Heather-Jayne and the Red Shoes 'Battle Of the Bands Winner' - The GCSE's


Capturing the authentic sound and spirit of The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band In The World, NOT THE ROLLING STONES have headed festivals and played for private clients all over Europe, the middle east and the UK.


Featuring the best Mick Jagger lookalike you will ever see, the band will take you back to the Golden Age of The Stones- from Satisfaction, to Sympathy for the Devil. You won't believe it's not Jagger!






As seen in Classic Rock, Rolling Stone, Kerrang and NME magazines!

“Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome … Me!” – Dave Grohl

Not many tribute bands get invited on stage to perform with their heroes; and NEVER with one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

UK Foo Fighters Tribute frontman ‘Jay Apperley’ made history in September 2014 at Brighton’s Concorde 2 when he was personally asked on stage by none other than ‘Dave Grohl’ himself to perform ‘White Limo’ with the actual Foo Fighters!

"That was awesome!" - Dave Grohl

Fans of the UK version have known for years, of course, that rarely has a tribute been performed with such obvious love and passion for the music; and lookalike and soundalike Jay Apperley becomes rock legend ‘Dave Grohl’ both vocally and slinging a guitar.

Their hugely successful UK tour 'Sonic Motorways' - a name cleverly derived from the title of the Foo's new album, saw them sell out shows in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and many more as fans flocked in their thousands to see them last year.

Piling through hit after hit, the band perform set lists containing all the classics - such as ‘Everlong’ and ‘Best of You’ alongside brand new material from the Foo’s new album ‘Sonic Highways’ like ‘Something From Nothing’ and ‘Congregation’.  They absolutely nail the true vibe of a Foo’s live experience, playing all the singles with extra parts and the sing-alongs bits as well.

All performed down to the closest detail making it a truly unmissable show for any Foo Fighters fan.

Be sure to catch them live in 2016.





The Dung Beatles


Passionate about Beatles music - that’s The Dung Beatles. Since forming in 2013 they have built up a repertoire of around 100 tracks that include greatest hits and album tracks from every year of The Beatles chart successes. The Dung Beatles reputation has led to invitations to perform at prestigious venues such as The Cavern Liverpool, and Trinity College Hall Cambridge where they were the final act to perform following Radio One DJ Annie Mac.



Chili Rage
Under a Banner
Hunky Dory
Lowly Hounds


. . . a statement that we are all rising above what we are perceived to be...


The Hounds high energy, surgically crafted music is the result of inspiration from generational songwriters, deep soul sounds and blues americana. With hard howling riffs, boundless energy and high octane songs, LOWLY HOUNDS conjure a sound akin to White Denim, Alabama Shakes and Catfish & The Bottlemen. The band, made up of Uk and Brazilian musicians, Nicko Varey, Edu Bisogno, Miggy Reynaldo and Jacob Roos, is based in London. Passion for the vintage vibe, american blues and the best of funk and soul brought together four eclectic session musicians who, having hit a wall working for other scene bands, were eager to write rock music worthy of Beale street and beyond. With their debut EP Rolling Road recently released and already available in all the online platforms and fresh back from a 35 days tour in Brazil where the band performed for over 10,000 people the LOWLY HOUNDS are now gearing up for the UK’s summer festival season, along with the process of recording a new EP.





Hunky Dory is a top notch, UK-based David Bowie tribute band, lovingly and faithfully recreating the classic period of his writing, from the late 1960's to the early 80's. In fact, we are so convincing, that here's what Mike Garson (Bowie's very own keyboard-player extraordinaire) had to say to us about our recording of Heroes: "VERY NICE JOB ON HEROES. ALL THE BEST, MIKE".

With especially commissioned costumes and a fully live 6-piece line-up, we perform our tribute with a nod and a wink to the nodders and the winkers.

Stomp along with Ziggy Stardust and his Spiders from Mars to classic songs such as Space Oddity, The Jean Genie and Starman.

Then groove with The Thin White Duke to the cold funk of the later ‘70’s, such as Sound & Vision, Ashes to Ashes and Golden Years, before re-living the sharp-suited pop of the early ‘80’s Serious Moonlight, with hits like Let's Dance and China Girl.






Under A Banner have been making high energy folk(ish) hard rock for around 5 years. They've supported big names such as New Model Army and played many high profile festivals including BeautifulDays, Festival 8 and Livestock. Their recent Victory Time EP was given five stars and awarded the accolade 'EP of the month' by Ryan's Gig Guide. This was the band's 4th official release. With a reputation for onstage antics and passion-filled songs you can sing along to with gusto, they are taking their stage show across the UK and beyond in 2016 to support the release of their third studio album.









Imagine combining the power and energy of Rage Against The Machine with the funk and melody of The Red Hot Chili Peppers!? Having seen these bands songs go down so well with audiences over years of gigging 'The Hazards' decided to return to Beacon Festival with their special Chili Rage set. This is not a tribute band but rather a homage to both the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rage Against the Machine where they can play some of their all time favourite songs and bring you along for the ride. This band has a passion for entertaining and delivering energetic and engaging performances, combining strong musicianship with natural flair. So buckle up, its going to be rocky, funky and LOUD!


Youtube channel:






Kamikaze Test Pilots


The origins of this band are rooted in Zimbabwe, where brothers Ryan and Wes Niemandt grew up, playing rather loud rock music to a largely disinterested and conservative agrarian populace. Then in 2001, the brothers relocated to the United Kingdom where they honed their songcraft, drawing their influences from a wide variety of sources with an aim to create something that is different but entertaining and with a hard edge. They played with many a talented musician and eventually formed Kamikaze Test Pilots in 2005, with Simon Buckett joining as bassist in 2009. Kamikaze Test Pilots is as the name suggests, a contradiction - a no rules non conforming suicidal mesh of influences and sounds that constantly reinvents itself with each new song. \drawing influence from bands like System of A Down - with the stop start rythms and lyrical content; Soundgarden, Clutch, the Melvins and Alice in Chains - the melodic vocals, chugging rythm guitars and searing solos, world music and a very many other things. However, most critics agree that the sound is something original.




The Running Guns


We are The Running Guns from High Wycombe. We are all 21 years old and have been friends since school where we first started out. The band have been writing and gigging for nearly two years now and have played many local venues and festivals, as well as The Camden Barfly, Dublin Castle and Bucks University. This summer we are hoping to spread out wings and broaden our horizons, and have just shot out first video ‘Neighbourhood’ which is self financed.

Our music is is rocky/pop with a groovy, old school feel and consider ourselves entertainers as well as musicians.



The fabulous ukelele club with Sam Brown
the band with no name


Formed in 2011, The Band With No Name are a contemporary rock outfit playing a mixture of original tracks and covers from the likes of Kings of Leon, The Stereophonics, The Black Keys, The Killers, with the odd “oldie” thrown in. The mixture of two guitars, bass, harmonica and drums produces a unique sound together with great vocals. Gigging regularly locally, in London, at festivals, pubs, clubs, parties and wedding, the band guarantee a great experience..





The Fabulous Ukulele Club with Sam Brown


The International Ukulele club of Sonning Common; IUCSC

The Peoples Ukulele Brigade; PUB

The North London Ukulele Collective; NLUC

The Jumping Flea Club; JFC

The Henley-on-Thames Chantry ukulele Players; HOT-CUPS

The League of Crafty Ukulele Masters : LOCUM

Cuxham Ukulele Players : CUPS

After the loss of her singing voice in 2007, Sam Brown (Stop, Jools Holland, Pink Floyd to mention but a few!) had to find a new way to earn a crust! In 2010,some friends wanted to learn the ukulele, and so she began teaching in her front room!

Interest ballooned, and now,6 years later, there are 7 ukulele clubs,including 2 new clubs run by her brother Pete Brown. There are well over 160 members in total…. All under the umbrella of The Fabulous Ukulele Club.

Sam has discovered a brand new talent…. Helping adults to discover music and themselves.

Come and take a step into the world of ukulele.




The Pump Monkeys


Like a cat with 9 lives, they are back!

Once ‘The Nice Guys’ then ‘The Bad Bastards’, they morphed into the Pump Monkeys, briefly flirted with ‘The Otters’ and now, as if by magic, The Pump Monkeys ride again! Still huge in Burkina Faso, the band found fame in the glory days of Music on The Hill, becoming regulars of the famed ‘Acoustic stage’. Still featuring some of the original MOTH crew, it will be like a trip back in time..... or maybe just like a trip, who knows. With some new faces and better fuel efficiency all round, this model simple purrs!






On their recent tour of America Rush Keeper were described by Jon Clifton of The Philadelphian Times as "A mesmerising live band" and 'Ace!' by Math Priest of the band 'Dodgy' after Rush Keeper supported them on their most recent UK tour.

Formed in 2015 Rush Keeper are a 4-piece Indie / rock band who have toured world-wide and who's members have played Wembley Stadium, Glastonbury and Reading Festival.

They play sensationally uplifting music involving huge drum battles and soaring guitars.





Heather Jayne and the Red Shoes


Heather-Jayne and the Red Shoes are a quartet from Goring. They play acoustic swing and soul on guitar, double bass, drums and sax/flute/clarinet. Anything from the Andrews Sisters to Tom Waits, via Smokey Robinson and Nina Simone. Hugely popular with the Reading and Oxford Swing/Lindy Hop Dancing clubs, they'll have you jiving round the beacon in the afternoon sunshine. Photo Credit: Chris Chaney.





The winner of the Icknield Community College in Watlington Battle of the Bands is.... The aptly named 'The GCSE's'! The band members are all 16 years old! Featuring Rosie Wotherspoon on vocals, Guy Harrop on bass Mackenzie Hoey on drums, Josh Campbell on guitar and Matthew Millard on guitar.