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Evolution Stage

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Debris, noun: scattered pieces of rubbish or remains. That sums up Debris, or at least their teenage view of the world. Debris are a female led four-piece band from Milton Keynes, UK,  playing their mix of nu-metal and grunge influenced alt-rock, whilst they find their place in the world. 
Debris’ songs are not about anger, or hate, but aim to express their emotions and feelings in not wanting to be overlooked or downtrodden, and to take back some power or ownership of situations or relationships. 
Formed in the later part of 2021, through a coming together of mutual friends, their differing and dynamic personalities help characterise their songs.
Debris are young and full of sporadic energy, and currently enjoying playing their debut EP ‘Mona Lisa’ containing their songs ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘Portrait’, ‘Stolen’, Priceless, Le Sourire and ‘1925’. Debris love to play live, to play loud, they love a dance, mosh and a headbang! And hope their audiences can enjoy that too, in a safe inclusive environment with friends.



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Maria Karteris

Maria is a versatile singer and guitarist who performs acoustic ballads as well as her own songs with mellow vocals and a unique storytelling style. Drawing from folk, pop, and rock, Maria's original songs often cover themes such as social ideas, youth, and relationships. Since 2017 Maria has performed at various open mics and events in the music scene of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, as well as her first gig abroad in Rhodes, Greece, in 2019. Maria's song writing has been largely influenced by Joni Mitchell's clever lyrics and use of open tunings. She is currently studying A-level music and recently obtained her Grade 8 popular vocals from LCM.



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Not Your Type

We are an Oxfordshire based band of four: Rosie Beesley on lead vocals, Lily-May Carpenter on guitar, Leo Goodall on drums and Tilly Carpenter on bass guitar. We play a mix of covers and originals, mostly in an upbeat grunge/hard rock style. We’d say our influences are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Royal Blood, Palaye Royale and Arctic Monkeys. We have a steady yet growing following around Didcot that we are immensely grateful for.


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Soraya Ray

Soraya Ray is a 14 year old Rockstar from High Wycombe. 
Her music style falls under the indie-rock, indie-pop and freak-folk genres, as well as others. 
She has been writing songs since the age of 11 and has performed her music live since the age of 13.  
Soraya Ray’s voice is unique, moving between a raw powerful exclamation and a lucid emotionally delicate tone. 
She listens to a wide range of artists and genres. 
She cites Oasis, The Beatles, Beabadoobee, Daniel Johnston, Elliott Smith and Nirvana as a few of her big inspirations.



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Young Rocks

Young Rocks are an exciting and incredibly talented local group of young musicians aged 13 to 16 years old. They play a mixture of classic rock and pop songs along with some original tracks.

They played their debut performance at Music in the Park, Thame in 2019. After the enforced break from live gigs, they returned triumphant at OakFest 21 and have just come from an absolutely outstanding performance on the main stage at Music in the Park 2022.


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Kitty is 15 years old and has loved to sing and perform from an early age. She picked up a guitar only a year ago, and hasn't put it down since!
Kitty's first live performance with her guitar was earlier this year, and she can not wait to see what this year has to hold, with open mic nights, festivals and shows to perform at. She is excited to be playing Beacon festival, thank you for having her.




Defying all expectations, these Teen Spirit Sensations recreate the raw energy and power of Nirvana’s legendary live performances. 2021 saw Nerdvana play at iconic venues such as The Half Moon Putney, The 1865 and some huge festivals including Rock The Mote in Kent. With a setlist that covers the whole spectrum of the Nirvana repertoire, from rarites and B-Sides to the genre-defining hits such as Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Heart Shaped Box, etc.


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Felix & Didi

Felix and Didi are a sibling rock duo who have been playing at various events in and around Henley since 2018 when they won Henley’s Got Talent at the Kenton Theatre at the ages of 10 and 8. Felix (guitar and vocals) now 14 and Didi (drums) now 12, have played at the Beacon Festival before in 2019.

After a break from live performance of almost two years due to Covid lockdowns

Felix & Didi returned to the stage at Henley’s Glow Festival (Christmas 2021) where they won the Battle of the Bands.

They are looking forward to returning to the Beacon Festival to have fun and




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