Feel Good Area

An amazing array of therapists will welcome you to the Feel Good Area this year to soothe those dancing feet and give you more healing energy for the festival so take time out in between acts and increase your wellbeing and vitality.

The Lotus Hut 
The Lotus Hut is a space where deep nurture and healing takes place.  Tashi uses intuitive, bespoke and traditional massage techniques to encourage sources of vitality from deep within the physical and energetic layers of the body. All of her offerings are deeply rooted in Shamanic and Ayurvedic wisdom aimed at restoring equilibrium to the mind and body whilst nourishing the soul.

tashithelotushut@gmail.com 07923243836

Lisa Hogger
Local therapist Lisa Hogger returns with Lisa’s wellbeing space offering Reflexology, Indian head Massage, Massage and Reiki. 

Lisa.hogg@yahoo.co.uk 07584066448

Katie Chester
Katie Chester is a holistic therapist and will be offering Tarot and Numerology sessions at Beacon this year from the sky blue bell tent. Tarot & Numerology Coaching, Quintessential Touch in Oxfordshire.
and to pre-book your slot at the festival you can contact Katie at:



Kath Ann Holt Therapies
Kath Ann Holt Therapies with an Angelic touch has 20 years of experience in providing Holistic Treatments. Kath is bringing her beautiful therapy tent to Beacon Festival to provide a calm and peaceful setting for all her therapies. 

Enjoy a soothing session treating mind, body & soul as Kath combines skilful massage therapies with healing and angels. Choose from: Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Rahanni Celestial Healing and Angel Card Reading.
Come and see Kath to book your slot.


Sue will be roaming around offering short massages over the clothes on a stool enticing people to the Feel Good Area. You can also take cover in her Pamper Camper Van and enjoy facials, reflexology or relax on her ergonomic massage chair overlooking the Thames Valley.