Wonderful workshops will be on offer throughout the festival to tempt you to give something new a try or enjoy something you already love. The perfect way to enhance your festival experience.


Plus for campers on Saturday morning there will be a choice of workshops for you to join in with & get you ready for the day. Please keep up to date through a Facebook page & check your program on arrival.







Learn from two experts about how to connect with the environment & the wildlife around you to improve well being by simply opening your eyes, ears and using more senses. Also including sound recording & photography but also dabble in the other senses of taste, touch and smell.

Yoga With Kara


I specialise in Vinyasa Flow, which is a creative and athletic type of yoga to help develop individual strength, mobility and flexibility, whilst developing a sense of mindfulness in practise. Yoga classes are offered in Henley-on-Thames and surrounding areas as well as regions of South West London.

Yoga Lovin


Yoga Lovin'


We are XYZ Music Academy. We are a locally based business with an aim to provide fun, productive and affordable instrumental lessons to the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire area. With an ever expanding team of musicians we offer lessons on Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Flute, Piano & Keyboard. We offer many lesson formats to suit the needs of the student. Our biggest news as of late, is that we will be opening a secondary branch to our business in the second floor of the Aylesbury Music Shop. This will enable us to expand our range of tuition and reach a wider audience. Aside from music tuition we also offer rehearsal room hire and recording studio facilities. If you would like start a musical instrument or use any of our other facilities then please get in touch via our website

Beacon Fest Schedule

11:00am: Keyboard Taster Lesson/Showcase

11:30am: Guitar Taster Lesson/Showcase

12:00pm: Vocal Taster Lesson/Showcase

12:30pm: Drum Taster Lesson/Showcase

01:00pm: African Drum Workshop

01:30pm: Keyboard Taster Lesson/Showcase

02:00pm: Guitar Taster Lesson/Showcase

02:30pm: Vocal Taster Lesson/Showcase

03:00pm: Drum Taster Lesson/Showcase

03:30pm: African Drum Workshop




Thame Music Academy - learn a song in 5 minutes

Mair Joint


Polka Dot Styling -Felting workshop with Mair



Zumba is the perfect workout if you love moving to music. It tones up your body and burns lots of calories! You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow my lead. Come try it, I guarantee you will have a blast! I look forward to meeting you!

Zumba with Becky Alan

Sol Samba


Formed in the summer of 1999, Sol Samba is a Brazilian percussion and dance group based in Oxford.

As a community group, our aim is to inspire people with the beauty and power of authentic Brazilian carnival music and dance, and to encourage people who have never performed publicly to get on their feet and be part of it.

In 2014 we celebrated our 15th birthday. Since our formation, we have trained hundreds of local people in Brazilian percussion and dance. We have helped set up a samba band and dance troupe in our local primary school which performs every year at Cowley Road Carnival; and have given numerous outreach community classes in Brazilian percussion and dance.

We are the heart of Cowley Road Carnival and regularly perform at local and national arts events, carnivals and gigs – from Notting Hill Carnival and Aylesbury Roald Dahl Festival to the Isle of Wight Rhythmtree Festival,Wilderness Festival and One Love Festival. We are passionate about linking with the roots and culture of Brazilian carnival: our musical and dance directors have all lived, trained and performed in Brazil, and in 2010 we hosted three carnival band directors from Pernambuco who gave cultural talks at our local primary school. We hope we can inspire hundreds more local people over the coming years.

Our current repertoire focuses on the uplifting street rhythms Rio samba. In the past, we have also played samba reggae, afoxê, maracatu, afro-samba, samba duro, batucada and baião. We are always looking to expand and change our material, taking influences both from within the band and from external teachers.

Find out more about samba from this article in DV Magazine, which features an interview with one of our longest-standing members, Dan Faircloth. For more information contact us at


Invenio Training


Our courses and training are designed to help you discover the confidence to deal with an emergency and to find the right skills to help someone.



Tai Chi Workshop.


ALSO . . .

T-shirt up cycling with Jules


Hula Hooping


Plus many more....