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Music @ Beacon Festival Hill Top Stage



Band members Richard, Caroline and Thea initially played together as a social pastime which soon led to a number of live performances. Since 2017 Thanx have been the house band at the regular DAFT events at Wycombe Arts Centre and have played a number of festivals over recent years. Their blend of folk inspired acoustic music seeks to re-imagine classic songs both recent and from the past.

Persephone in the Underworld

Persephone In The Underworld are an alternative trio act from Buckinghamshire, UK, taking influence from The Doors, The Flaming Lips, Foals, Khruangbin, Nick Mulvey, Pink Floyd, Radiohead + more, featuring powerful but ambient vocals from frontwoman Persephone alongside atmospheric, groove driven melodies. Debut EP coming soon... makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Moon Music with Wycombe Arts Centre

Quirky Folk Female fronted band. Banjo, Fiddle, Ukuele and Flute plus 4 voices in close harmony. Self-penned original tunes, plus reworked acapella songs and the occasional sea shanty thrown in for good measure.

Steph Willis

Steph Willis is a Bucks resident and a full time musician. Her day job is as a covers artist, for weddings, parties and pubs, which has seen her travel both nationally and internationally. Her original songs have developed over time, and currently sit in the

raw, organic, heartfelt music category. Having worked as a topliner for producers and singers around the UK, she enjoys the art of writing and creating lyrics that are a bit different to the usual, but as honest and easy to follow as possible.

2am Blue

2am Blue are a local Acoustic Rock band who play a heady mix of their own songs and covers that they love playing, everything from The Counting Crows to Bruce Springsteen.

Formed by Johnnie Littler and Jim Greenhough and now including Nick Dutton on lead guitar, Pete Sherman on Bass and drummer Phil Heard, 2am Blue have become one of the areas most popular live bands. Don’t miss this set.

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Andy Robbins

Andy Robbin's is a singer/songwriter from Oxford. A regular on the Oxford music scene and has performed in almost every major city in the UK as well as playing several tours around the world including Europe and the US .


In 2019, and following the release of his hit single "Darkest Before Dawn" Andy released his latest EP "Black & White" to rave reviews across the industry. With another US tour planned for the summer, and another big release expected towards the end of the year.

Meg Lawrenson

Meg Lawrenson is a singer-songwriter who grew up in Southampton and is now based in Brighton. Her latest EP "Swallow" was released in 2019

Meg is filled with raw talents and through this has created her own unique sound which intertwines Country Pop melodies with intimate, heartfelt and fearless lyrics; complemented with a sweet, soul-stirring vocal line.


Though she is Powerfully voiced, Meg sings of delicate issues that are often the things left unsaid. Taking inspiration from artists, such as Carrie Underwood, Raelynn and early Taylor Swift.

James ‘Jae’ Esplin

James ‘Jae’ Esplin is a singer/songwriter based in Oxfordshire. After playing in various bands, JAE has gone solo to work on his own unique style of music. His sound ranges from evocative folk to acoustic punk and his own take on songs you didn’t even know you loved. JAE has performed at numerous renowned venues across the country, as well as many festivals around the UK.

Friendly Sanj

Since picking up a guitar at fourteen, solo acoustic guitarist, Friendly Sanj has never looked back. After extensive gigging during his rock and metal era in the nineties, he found new sensibility in the noughties with that resounding versatility of an instrument that is the acoustic guitar. oozing with harmonic overlays and graceful ringing tones, his fingerstyle magic on the fretboard is said to speak from the universe itself. In hushed voice, his listener tells of being lulled into a sense of peace, relaxation and calm.

Danny Addison

Multi-instrumentalist Danny Addison first emerged in 2019 with unique blend of retro-fitted, neo-classical folk inspired by the likes of Kadhja Bonet, Moses Sumney and Chet Baker. His first single, 'Marigold', exploring themes of loneliness and reminiscing fond memories of loved ones, and his second, 'If the Sun Sells Her Soul', are the first of four appearing on his 2020 debut EP.What's this item about? What makes it interesting?


Anne-Marie is a BBC Introducing singer-songwriter with a distinct vocal tone which captivates audiences who enjoy soul, funk & blues with a hint of reggae & folk!

If you’re looking for a fresh new sound and vibe, Anne-Marie Allen is an artist that can bring kudos to your musical experience with an authenticity and audience connection that is rarely seen in artists. Her addictive hooks, melodies and sing along original songs make audiences want to dance and wake up the next day singing the songs.

– Percussive guitar rhythms!

– Anne-Marie's songs tell stories of freedom, capitalism, and human connection

– Anne-Marie's unique musical style does not confine itself to one specific genre.

– Anne-Marie's lyrics are honest about the human condition

– Her music has an upbeat vibe to keep audiences smiling.

Anne-Marie's debut EP "Intuition" was released in May 2018, presenting a fresh new tone to the live music scene. Her track “Zombie Paradise” was added to the Brum radio A list in April 2018 and was also selected to be played as part of the up and coming artists promotion for unsigned artists on Nova Radio station.

Following the success of "Zombie Paradise" this track in addition to her track "Vibe Attracts a Tribe," was instantly selected by BBC Introducing and for two consecutive weeks on BBC radio West Midlands. Anne-Marie's third BBC radio play was the title track for her debut EP "Intuition" in which BBC described the track as "Stunning...confident, and a lovely maturing sound that...takes you to another place."


In 2019 Anne-Marie's track "I Like" was strongly shortlisted and performed at Thame Town Music Festival's songwriting competition. The judges included a wide range of industry professionals such as John Leckie- Rock production Royalty. His production credits include the Stone Roses' The Stone Roses (1989), Radiohead's The Bends (1995), Muse's Origin of Symmetry (2001). John Leckie has also worked with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and many more.

​'Truly Powerful'- Songwall

'Seriously Impressive...Deceptively deep'- Impact Birmingham

'As good as it gets as far as songwriting goes'- Songwall


Palmerston`s reputation has rapidly grown over the last few years and has seen the band sharing stages with the likes of, Ralph McTell, The Moulettes, Eve Selis and country guitar legend, Albert Lee, who said of them….

“The gentlemen of Palmerston guarantee you an exciting evening of music, the music is fresh, invigorating, all theirs and a must see-and-hear”

Whilst performing their music described as British Americana at festivals & theatres around the country, they have also played many live Radio broadcasts, and recorded three albums and two EP`s. This, alongside the recording of a DVD capturing their “Birmingham Town Hall” appearance whilst on tour with Albert Lee, shows that these guys are not afraid of hard work.

'The festival faithful immediately warmed to Palmerston who opened the Friday night for seasoned artists Richard Digance and Home Service. Back stage they were a joy to deal with and efficient and professional in their approach to the Cromer's usual tight turn round technically for the evening concerts'

Scott Butler - Folk on the Pier

Original songs written by Alan Rondeau are performed by Palmerston, and make you smile in a way that only Beer or Sunshine can!

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