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Charities and Voluntary Organisations 


We are Excited to announce the Five main Charities we will be supporting this year. Although there will be other charities and voluntary groups that do benefit from Beacon 2019. As a Not-for-Profit event our surplus funds go directly to these groups.

About Restore

Mental illness affects one in four of us in our lifetime, but people can and do recover.

Restore is an Oxfordshire-based mental health charity that supports people to take control of their recovery, develop skills and lead meaningful lives. We offer recovery groupstraining and employment coaching to make this possible.

We are one of the longest established and most highly regarded community rehabilitation services in the UK. Founded in 1977, we are part of a partnership of local mental health organisations with a commitment to helping people to recover, stay well and participate in and contribute to the life of our county.

Who do we work with?

We work with anyone who feels their mental health problem is having a substantial and long-term negative effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Mental health issues can include psychotic illnesses (such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder), depression and anxiety disorders.


Our Vision, Mission and Values

Restore’s vision, mission and values were developed in consultation with our members, trustees, volunteers and staff.


Working towards a time when people with mental health problems are fully empowered to live meaningful lives


Providing recovery and coaching support to people with mental health problems while working with the whole community to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness


  • Recovery – Enabling people to recover from mental illness and manage their own mental health and wellbeing

  • Support – Providing the opportunities to help ourselves and each other

  • Hope – Offering a positive future where everyone can fulfill their potential

  • Empowerment – Helping people to believe in themselves and what they can achieve

  • Respect – Accepting without judging as each person is unique

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